7758048000070 Maca Roja Gelatinizada en polvo Bolsa x 1kg.


Red Maca -> Reception -> Selection and Classification -> Washing and Disinfection -> Drying -> Bucking -> Tan -> Ground -> Sieving -> Packaging.


  • It acts as a revitalizing and invigorating physical – intellectual.
  • Supplementary food.
  • Decreases stress status.
  • Combat male impotence and menstrual cycle regulator.
  • Combats hormonal dysfunction, adjunct to osteoporosis.




Common Name Red Maca Pulverized
Scientific name Lepidium peruvianum Chacón.
Description Dried product obtained from red roots selected, roasted and ground. 100% Organic.
Application It can be eaten with different types of milk, oatmeal, yogurt, juices, custards, and desserts in general, similarly as using other flours and breakfast cereals.
Dosage Children under 13 years one teaspoon daily and youth and adults of 2-3 teaspoons a day.
Presentation Bags of 500 gr., 1 kg., 5 Kg., 10 Kg. and 20 Kg. and bottles x 500 gr.
Storage Cool and dry.
Lifetime 2 years.
Caution Consumption is not recommended in people with high blood pressure.
Prepared by Sumacc Foods.E.I.R.L